Uses For The Professional

  • This Regrout Tool is for 1/8" grout joints or less, sanded grout or non-sanded!
  • The Regrout Tool is dustless, so it won't create the dust rotary and oscillating tools make reducing your liability of any toxic dust getting into lungs, electronics etc...
  • Can be adjusted for speed and precision on deco's, liners, V-caps, qtr rounds, and more, making this the first complete grout removal tool of its kind ever available
  • Vented for long term use won't burn out or overheat after hours of constant use
  • Pointed tip won't wear down and dull like other grout removal tools available, the chisel tip will dull, but you can easily re-shape with a diamond grit (fine) sharpening pad
  • Avoids chipping and scratching your client's existing old tile surfaces
  • Remove old thinset from the back side of old tiles, and remove old grout from the tiles edge easily with the chisel tip
  • Invented by a professional tile and grout expert 30 yrs total in California 10 yrs setting tile prior to 20yrs regrouting
  • The only proven grout removal tool for removing sanded and non-sanded grout 1/8" or less flawlessly, dust-free
  • 8' 6" cord eliminates the need for an extension cord for most tasks
  • Allen wrench set screw head for tightening the tips in the collar helps eliminate the tips from coming loose and falling down the drain
  • Larger and longer set screw for easier handling and better torque on the tips in collar
  • Lightweight 12oz, easy to hold, and large softgrip for better hand positioning and comfort during long term use


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