About Regrout

The Regrout Tool was created by a seasoned professional (Michael Taylor) who created the regrouting industry. He understands what it takes to get the job done right. When he trademarked the word "Regrout" for his business in 1993 in Santa Barbara, Ca his business was the first and only exclusive regrouting company in the U.S.A. Not only was his company the the first in California, and the U.S.A. but the whole world!

Mr. Taylor is also the only regrouting vendor for the California State Historical Restoration Commission, and Tile Heritage Foundation. Nobody knows more about how to remove grout or has removed as much grout and replaced as much grout as Michael Taylor! Mr. Taylor is a tile Traditionalist / Craftsman, who believes it has always been Tile and Grout, not tile and caulk, paint, stain, colorant etc...etc...he often compares these products as to applying lipstick to a pig! He was in business removing and replacing grout 3 yrs before these cheap inferior products became available to the public! Cheap isn't Quality, and Quality isn't Cheap!

Mr. Taylor has been around long enough to see in person that grout stains fade like a tattoo, and the colorants or paints peel away in high traffic areas. Although the salesperson will tell you they don't fade or peel but where are they 5, 10, 15, 20 yrs later? Let's not forget how unattractive the painted grout looks once you have taken away the cementous look with their colorant products, making sanded grouts look smooth! With the proper care new grout that has been installed and sealed properly should last a lifetime. Remember, if it's to good to be true, it's more than likely to good to be true! Stay with a tried and truely proven product for over thousands of years, and that is grout!

Why Regrout?

Mildew-stained grout is unhealthy, ugly, embarrassing and once inside the pores of the grout it is impossible to clean. Plus, U.S. Center for Disease Control studies have consistently shown that certain mold types will endanger your health. How much does a mold abatement cost? Not to mention that you have to tent the whole house, and explain to the neighbors that you are having the toxic mold removed from within your house! All state and county agencies have the power to decide the whole structure is beyond saving and is a community health risk and could order the complete removal (demolition) of the entire dwelling!

Walls, ceilings and floors have to be treated or re-placed, hopefully your not sharing common walls which would make you liable for your neighbors costs too! Raising your insurance premiums! Costing tens of thousands when it could have been avoided all together, if people would only take the time and pay attention to their grout needs. The resulting damage means your property, along with your bank account, is going to take a big hit, sometimes leading to foreclosure, divorce and bankruptcy!

Homeowners insurance policies in California and I am sure most states do not cover the costs incurred by water damage due to missing or neglected grout, once neglect has been proven!! It is considered your responsibility as a home owner to care and maintain the integrity of all grouted surfaces..Regardless of age, type or substrate!

Once again all damages $ incurred by your proven neglect can and will be charged to you by your neighbors insurer beside you and below you as well, possibly on the third floor below you or even further below!! Water being self leveling will only go down inside walls creates an environment that is perfect for mold to grow unnoticed for months or years. >/p>


Tile Setters, Tile helpers, Kitchen & Bath Re-modelers, General Contractors, Architects, Interior Designers, Glaziers, Plumbers, Realtors, Property Managers, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Retirement Homes, Home Owners, Honey Doo's, Crafter's and more, all use the Regrout Tool.

What Is The Regrout Tool?

The Regrout Tool is a patent pending lightweight, hand-held, adjustable speed grout removal tool that removes both sanded and non-sanded grouts from widths of 1/8" or less. It also comes with two different Tungsten Carbide Tips (Pointed and Chisel).

The Regrout Tool is a dust-free tool removing the existing grout without making the dust. We highly suggest vacuuming up the chips with a bag type vacuum instead of whisking the chips into a dust pan eliminating any airborne dust.

The Regrout Tools pneumatic action chips the grout out, not creating the fine airborne dust you see with rotary or oscillating grout removal tools that grind the existing grout down, creating huge amounts of unwanted unhealthy dust!

Ceramic tile grout is silica sand, lime and portland cement known to be carcinogens and toxic to human inhalation! If you look on the packaging of any grout container you will notice: WARNING: Do not breathe dust! This product contains Free Crystalline Silica , Iron and Chromium Oxide which may cause cancer or delayed lung injury. (Silicosis) This product contains one or more chemicals known to cause cancer. Avoid creation of dust from this product whenever possible. Wear NIOSH approved respirator if creation of dust is unavoidable, or when working in dusty areas.

Rotary, Oscillating and grinding grout removal tools create huge amounts of this dust, by grinding the grout down, creating untold amounts of toxic dust throughout your home and lungs! That is their sole purpose and or function! How much of this dust is an acceptable amount, for you, your children, animals etc...?

The Regrout Tool is the first of its kind in the world that can do what the others can't do, and that is remove existing grout from tile dust-free and flawlessly!! Without having a tip dull which incurs more cost to the consumer.

The Regrout Tool can remove grout from the thinnest deco's, liners, qtr rounds and V-caps, 90 degree joints and corners no other tool available today can do that!!

You don't have to be a tile expert to use the Regrout Tool. Grout removal used to be a labor-intensive activity that took days. But with the Regrout Tool you can complete almost any task in minutes and hours, instead of days!


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