Uses For The Home Owner

  • This Regrout Tool is for 1/8" grout joints or less, sanded grout or non-sanded!
  • The Regrout Tool is very easy and fast. Once you get used to it (15 minutes) you will be able to remove sanded or non-sanded grout at 1"/ sec.
  • Saves you money compared to tile tear-out and replacement. Most tasks are done in hours instead of days, weeks etc...
  • Eliminate expensive Contractors / Remodelers / Interior Designers / Regrouters etc...
  • It's green! You can make your old tile look new again,Your tile's not the problem, it's the grout, color of, lack of, condition of. Preserve your irreplaceable older tile.
  • Regrouting isn't just preventative it's cosmetic too!
  • Regrouting is updating your existing tile surfaces, not upgrading by tearing out the old one of a kind beautiful tile and replacing with cold solid surfaces.
  • Dark grout is dated and by removing that old dark grout and replacing with a more neutral color you can have that new remodeled look without the remodeled price!
  • Have you ever heard the old saying they don't build em' or make em' like they used too? Never more true than today's tile sets compared to the 20's, 30's, 40's, etc..
  • Safety items required are eye protection, dust mask, knee pads, and maybe a back brace for you older grouters out there! I have found that being bent over a kitchen counter stationary for hours can be taxing our the ole back. Always better to be safe than sorry!!
  • Avoids chipping and scratching your old tile surfaces
  • Can be adjusted for speed and precision on deco's, liners, V-caps, qtr rounds, and more, making this the first complete grout removal tool of its kind ever available


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